This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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This server is a 100% pvp raiding server, also custom dungeons and events
Shops are enabled!

Our core mods include:

ICBM - Launch nuclear missiles at your foes!

Thaumcraft - With the power of your magic wand, you can infuse raw power into your items, shock people to death, and even duplicate ores!

Ars Magika - Create your own custom spells and add a magical touch to your base

Ancient Warfare - Gather an army of OP NPC archers to raid and siege your enemies

Tinker's Construct - Melt down new ores spawned throughout dimensions and use them to create your own new and more powerful tools and weapons

Witchery - Curse and hex your enemies and laugh as you watch them spontaneously combust

Blood Magic - Using your sacrificial knife, fill up your blood orb with life essence and wreak havoc among your friends as you summon demons, destroy bases, and even build your own satanic altar

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