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Server features:

  • We don't have absurd rules ;).
  • Ranking sistem in which players are rewarded based on play-time.
  • Warps = BannedItems, Workshop, HallOfFame, Prices, Staff, Tutorial - for protection.
  • The server is using a player trade based system in which players do their city/shops and admins set a warp if the creation is accepted.
  • The server accepts all the players, but we only accept eng/ro in main chat, all other messages can be wrote in private (/msg [username]).
  • We've banned only items used to grief and over-throwing items - that means we've banned only tools that can be used to grief, crash, over-throw economy.
  • We are in a community: - we translated our forum section just for you! :D
  • The server is 24/7 2gb ram, 20 slots 1gbps/broadband.

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