This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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- ASPA - Tekkit - 1.3.2 - PVP -


hi this is Tekkit 1.3.2

Notable plugins that we recommend learning. - GriefPrevention - McMMO - Lockette - Factions -

How to use Lockette:

How to Claim your land:

How to use mcmmo:

Factions commands:

Server Features:

Creeper and TNT block damage only works below sealevel, which can be checked with /depth

Region Protection, you start with 100 blocks and gain 120 per hour
the first Chest you place will become your first claim

Server Rules
Do not abuse bugs, hacks or exploits. Report them to administration.
Be polite, nobody likes rude players.
Try to interact with other players, it will make game much more interesting
PvP allowed, spawn kills = Jail
Don't whine about getting killed in PvP.
Don't whine about being griefed when building out of your claims or not placeing Iron Doors or signs (Lockette)

Additional information on commands can be seen with /help

Fly is turned off

-_Banned items:-

  Red Matter Tools
  Dark Matter Tools

some EE items to make it safe for you on the server

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