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Whitelisted Tekkit Legends SMP :: Classic Life

pin_drop (private server)

With all the new minigames, faction and skyblock servers coming out, I feel we should take it back to where it started, SMP, this is not heavy on PvP but you can if the other person gives consent. So if you are interested in join a Tekkit Legends SMP, Keep reading, I tried to keep it short.

Hello! I want to keep this short so lets get into it! I want to build a small SMP community! Tekkit Legends recently came out and I was thinking what better time! If you liked tekkit classic tekkit legends is basically Class but updated so if you want a tight nit, anti-grief SMP community, just apply! It's quite easy.

To apply you can send the application to my email (Use complete sentences and you will get accepted)

Short sweat format:



Why do you want to join the SMP?

What can you offer the server?

Will the follow the rules?


Be respectful

No griefing

Don't argue excessively

Have fun

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