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Just letting anyone who looks, the server is and has been down for almost a year. The owner decided to shut the server down to loss of players.
Posted 1st Jul 2017
I LOVE Tekkit and I played it a year ago and so I wanted to play again but when I clicked multiplayer the server was down and I could not get in it. Please open it up again and it seems that other reviews are having similar problems and complaints.
Posted 21st Jun 2017
Please open the server again, there is no other server like this, and I have been to a lot of servers between now and when the server closed.
Posted 4th Jun 2017
why is the server offline i wanted to wor on my skyblock
Posted 12th Dec 2016
This server is great and I've played on it for years, once they reset skyblock though, I stopped playing as much. I really stopped playing when they reset survival but I played every so often. I thought it'd be fun to play it today but the server is offline.
Posted 4th Dec 2016
tried to long into the server to find out i am ban on it. i did nothing wrong. please update your ban list.
Posted 7th Nov 2016
Very Friendly Server and Staff! No Banned items! It's amazing how much you can do on here!
Posted 3rd Oct 2016
Absolutely amazing, exciting, and wonderful server.
Has to be the best Tekkit classic server out there with a great community, great staff team always ready to help you, lots of fun activities to do, few banned items, multiple gamemodes (Survival, Factions & SkyBlock!), and overall a great experience for anyone wishing to either start playing Tekkit Classic or anyone who has previously played it, absolutely great server.
Posted 25th Jul 2016
Great server with a brilliant community, the staff are very dedicated to the server and are brilliant in helping players. Very few banned items and very fun to play. I would really recommend this server! it wont let you down!
Posted 25th Jul 2016
This server has it's ups and downs.
But I would mostly give it a negative review because of it's dishonesty and unfairness.
This server is dishonest about it's banned items and features.
When you join, please note that you will NOT be able to make an EMC farm out of blaze rods, although it says that nowhere, and it also says that EMC farms are allowed. The nerfed the EMC value of blaze powder to 300 something server-side so you cannot make a farm from them, same thing with bones. I learned this the hard way after playing for hours just to build one.
Another thing, turtles CANNOT break blocks.
The way that I start out to play tekkit it using a mining turtle to act as a sort of easy quarry for me, to help me get obsidian and mine out rooms and build structures and mineshafts. Most of this you cannot do, and it says this nowhere.
As far as the unfairness goes, donation ranks.
This server has a donation rank system where the lower tier ranks that are affordable give you leather armor (yes, leather armor, one time) aswell as other things that are worth about the same. However for voting, you get 11 Red Matter... 6 for voting and 5 from keys, and you can vote three times. Ruining the entire point of playing the game. The "Good" donation ranks give you unrestricted access to creative mode on all 3 of the servers, meaning you can spawn stacks of HV-Solar arrays and give/sell them all to other players. this only costs ~240$USD...
(It's on sale right now for ~140$USD) You are also given money other things, basically making the game unplayable. I'd say from experience that the maker of this server is WITHOUT experience, and if you are reading this review right now, FIX THIS STUFF.
Other players looking to join, head my review before consideration. You might be in for not a whole lot of fun. Only play if you like dull servers with countless micro-transactions and nothing to do except create pointless factories that you might as well make in single-player or a creative server.
Posted 11th Jul 2016
TeamTekkit is an amazing, unique server, it doesnt need fancy custom plugins to make it unique or the best like some of the bigger servers think, it has dedicated staff always willing to help, small list of banned items, amazing, friendly owner and co-owner who will do anything to help you apart from the serious stuff you can actually have banter with the staff unlike some of the other strict servers. Join TeamTekkit today and you wont be disappointed.

- iplaytekkit (player)
Posted 4th Jul 2016