This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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[3.1.2]HelloCreeper - Factions|Griefing|Nukes|Play

Spawn Building
Nyan Cat!

Youtube Preview of the server:


What is the best tekkit server?
Best Tekkit Server Around!



About the Server

-We're a PVP/Griefing/Raiding Server
-Nukes/Most EE is allowed.
-Certain EE items IN SPAWN ONLY are banned.
-Nukes - Creep+ Can Craft Them
-Rankup System
-We're mostly anarchy but we do have banned items that are Enable Godmode, Invinc, and can Grief Spawn
-24/7 Dedicated Server
-No Spawn Killing/Spawn Griefing - Punishable
-We have LWC enabled
-Alchemy bags are allowed
-Great Donation options
-Voting gets you items and cash
-Rankup system so you can gain access to more items
-Theft within factions is allowed as well so becareful who you recruit
-Bases above the nether bedrock is allowed (All Nether BR is Dirt)


Appeal on our Forums. Look to find the appeal.
No Hacking = Ban
No Spamming (Every 5 Secs) = Mute 1 Min, 2nd Off Mute 30 Mins, 3rd Off Tempban 1 Day
No Duping/Caught with Duping Item = Player File Wipe, No Exceptions
No Spam (3 Times Asking) Begging for items or staff = Mute 5 Mins, Mute 30 Mins, Mute 1 Day
No Advertising = Perm Ban
Stealing and Griefing In Factions is allowed
Tricking people into your faction and killing them is allowed
Scamming is allowed (Go get revenge on the scammers .)
Disrespecting Staff will result in mute and possibly ban
Want to become Staff? Make an app on our forums.

Plugin List:

Essentials, Factions, Factionsplus, Votifier, Rankup, PaidRanks, Stargate, PVPTimer, LWC, Economy, Spam Guard, DeathTPPlus, SuperPickaxe, MobCatcher, Mobdisguise, Buycraft. +More

Item Banlist
Zero Ring, Nova Catalyst, Nova Catas, Blackhole Chest, Any Anchors, Watch of flowing time, Abyss Armor (Boots Allowed), Quantum Chest, Ender Chest (Crashes Servers), Amulets (Griefs Spawn), Ring of Arcana, ComputerCraft, Red Matter Furnace

Items Banned In Spawn Only - The Server will auto remove the
Nuke, TNT, Redstone Torches, Morning Star, Katar, All Rings

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