This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Jotopia is a new tekkit server. we have many plugins, and will add more as requested. Galacticraft is not banned, and we will be adding glass ids to the sealable glasses list as requested.

We are almost the only server where dimensional doors isn't banned
if it causes too many lag that makes it unplayable we will delete it or if it crashes the server but for now it's not banned and you can use it

the only items that won't be used are chunckloaders and and mysticraft
only if you get permission you will be allowed to place maximum 2 chuncloaders or mysticraft dimensions
if it's unplayble we will not hesitate and delete them. you will get your resources of them back.

so if you will use them then please ask it at our website and we will allow or won't allow the use of them.

if you see there's lag or something is causing it or crahses than please report it at our website and we will take care of it

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