This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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RCT RealistiCraft Tekkit


Name: RealistiCraft Tekkit


Port: 25565

RealistiCraft is a Real Tekkit Server.. but you also have options, will you be the PvP master, or make a Large City, survive alongside with others, or ride solo killing everyone in your way, dominate the server with economy, or raid someone's unprotected house, outwit your opponent in the PvP arena, or make a fourtune off bets, or make a secret market, whatever you do keep in mind that everyone is trying to be the best.....




  1. No Hacking, we have many ranks on the lookout.
  2. Dont spam global chat, constantly talking in it, there are other channels.
  3. Be Respectful. There is no need for explaination on that.
  4. Obey Mods/Admins. Visper+
  5. Dont build things just to lag the server, you will be asked to remove it.
  6. Dont ask for a higher rank, look on the forums.
  7. See if there are any Nobles, Vispers, Police on before asking for an admin, you dont always need one!
  8. No Advertising for other servers.
  9. Dont ask for spawned items.
  10. No Unnessessary Swearing

There will be some lag untill we get host. We are getting host soon. When we get host we will have 64Gb ram and over 1000 mpbs connection. We will split off into different servers with this one being the main one. Check site for info on this.

2 months untill cob gets the host (december)! We are in hibernation right now but keep us in mind! I will continue to put up the new ips. I am working very hard on improving and testing the server before the release on New Years! See you on at New Years!

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