This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Lacuni Tekkit 3.1.2


Welcome to Lacuni Tekkit!

We don't restrict you from doing what you want! Build, fight, destroy. Whatever part of Tekkit it is you're into, you can find it here!

You will start off by yourself, in our small spawn area.
From there the world is yours to explore and conquer!
Build anywhere and protect it!
Fight anywhere outside spawn!
Join/create a clan and grow in numbers!

Take claim to your land and defend it!

Unlike other survival servers, our world has not been ravaged and torn apart by people.

We aim to keep the server fun while keeping as much of EE unbanned as possible.

Always Use Protection:

We use factions for protection so if you only wanna build contact an admin and we will make your Faction Peaceful.

All Tekkit Related

We have a few rules:

  1. No Griefing
  2. Respect Everyone
  3. No racial/sexual slurs
  4. Dont be beggin for items. ANSWER IS NO!
  5. No whining if killed.
  6. Dont be spamming commands or chat
  7. keep chat clean of foul language
  8. Only speak english in chat. use /msg for other
  9. Dont sethome in another players faction
  10. Dont spawn camp
  11. Give new players a chance
  12. HAVE FUN!

Even tho we want to be as fun as possible we also have banned items
They are stated Below

Banned Items:

  1. Ring of Ignition
  2. Dark Matter Hammer
  3. Red Matter Hammer
  4. Red Matter Katar
  5. Red matter Morning Star
  6. Abyss Helmet
  7. Infernal Armor
  8. Gravity Greaves
  9. Hurricane Boots
  10. Ring of Arcana
  11. Void Ring
  12. Black Hole Band
  13. Gem of Eternal Density
  14. Dynamite
  15. Sticky Dynamite
  16. ITNT
  17. Tank Cart
  18. Nova Catalyst
  19. Nova Cataclysm
  20. Evertide/Volcanite Amulet

And dont forget to vote for 1 Low Voltage Solar Array Everyday!

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