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pin_drop we are a new server that has now been in development for over a month. The current admin team spend over 8 hours a day adding/customising/perfecting elements. Currently we have the following

We are an Economy server - The Goal is to develop a wealth and maybe even try create a business empire. But try having fun with the up & coming hunger games system and Random Mob Spawns ect ect that will be added.

Town System with full Grief protection and allowing plots in all the major cities to have a recognised building area and to not get Griefed in the wild.

Major cities are powered solely by Nuclear Power & Solar Power (with a bit of Redstone 2 here and there)

Friendly admin team and hopefully to develop a friendly community and playerbase.

No Whitelist anybody can join!

Minimal Lag - We ensure that the server is well maintained for its hardware and any systems or software that will reduce the lag.

Interchanging Weather Patterns - The servers weather for main cities will change depending on the season.

And much much more. Check us out visit our forum which is currently being worked on at! and also join the server using the same IP !

We hope to see you soon
Darksoul189 @

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