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The Condemned

of my time on the server, i can say with 100% honesty, its the best, the staff are friendly, there are almost no banned items, and no griefing :D i recommend this server to everyone.
Posted 29th Nov 2016
I've enjoyed my time here. Havent had any issues with staff, they all seem very helpful. Other players are usually respectful. Will probably stay here.
Posted 15th Nov 2016
This server is amazing it has a great staff team that enjoys to joke and have fun while helping others, few banned items, and resource world for easy minerals. Overall: I would give this server a 10/10!
Posted 14th Nov 2016
Server has a nice community and plenty of features, but VERY abusive staff. I was banned and unbanned repeatedly for no apparent reason, trolled constantly, and ultimately have been banned for answering a question a new player had (very absurd...). I would give this server 1 out of 5, but the server has barely any banned items and only rarely lags.

TL;DR Server is cool but the staff are abusive.
The server replied:
We had a lot of immature staff that have been replaced. Come back and talk to me or Demon.
Posted 8th Nov 2016
This is a wonderful server I've been playing on it for a while now and its my favorite tekkit server all the staff are amazing the players are quite nice and the server is fun and amazing
Posted 5th Oct 2016
Friendly staff, good help, voting, jobs, shops and also drop party. Only few banned items. Very nice server, best ever! :)
Posted 26th Sep 2016
I love this server Because It is Friendly Staff And it is the World's Best server.
Posted 18th Sep 2016
Don't think a server could get much worse.
The server replied:
It's a lot better since you left :P
Posted 14th Sep 2016
Vary friendly staff. Staff help when needed. vary positive community!
Posted 12th Sep 2016
The server is great, there are friendly people and nice staff, they have nice starting items for new players, and overall is a fun experience if you are looking for a relatively quiet server.
Posted 9th Sep 2016
Okay staff, friendly comuinity, but lots of banned item and places, the server has a reasource world but if your in it theres a very high possibity you will get killed by one of the admins and lose all your items. it was very hard to get anything done because of all the ban isuse.
Posted 13th Aug 2016