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J-Squared Tekkit Network


Server IP:

We run a few different modded servers, if you are interested in out other servers. Just check out our website. J-Squared


  • New and Improved Spawn.
  • Pro Crates - Allowing you to get a random item for voting.
  • Fresh Economy System!
  • New Player and Admin Market Area!
  • Low TPS Lag.
  • Grief Prevention
  • Few Banned Item and mods.
  • Mystcraft is unbanned. (Slightly Restricted)
  • Friendly Staff.

J-Squared has a history spanning 6 years in minecraft.

Great server staff usually always available. Friendly community.
Posted 28th Aug 2017
This server is pretty cool. I’ve been playing on it on and off for over a year. The owners/admin are online often to help or just hang out. They are constantly adding new plugins and features to make the game better (this includes an awesome elevator plugin!). PVE, friendly atmosphere, and rules for language make this a great server to play with my 9-year-old. There are also player and server shops, jobs to earn in game cash, and very few banned items FTW. I've played Tekkit on several servers and this is by far my favorite.
Posted 21st Aug 2017
This is one of the best tekkit servers have been on.
Posted 16th Mar 2017
Helpful and friendly staff! Wanted to find a nice server, and this one is one of the best! Jobs plugin, player shops, fun community, and interesting trade with Ash; something I've never seen before!
Posted 27th Jan 2017