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Hillside Gaming - Tekkit Legends


Hillside Gaming is a laid back server for players who want to be able to build with friends and not worry about griefing. We have rewards for voting and different VIP ranks that come with their own kits. If you want to just play with a friend and not have to worry about someone blowing up your house or stealing from you come play on Hillside Gaming!

I have strongly enjoyed my time so far on the server. If you're looking for a place to create EMC Farms/Explosive growth/Battle with other players, this probably isn't the right server. If instead, like me, you'd rather take it slow and have fun building up over time, then I honestly can't think of a better server.

Despite there not being much of a staff structure, the owner is much more helpful and nice than most, although his availability tends to be a bit low.

There aren't too many banned items, most of these are a non-issue except for the fact that filters are banned. I suggest learning Logistics Pipes if you want automation on here, which is a much better item transfer mod anyway. Or just get really creative with transposers.

Lastly, there have been concerns with uptime, see other review for a very stark contrast in complaints and maturity. Right now, the server has been having some issues with host availability, which is constantly being improved on. I don't think there'll be too many issues with this in the future.

TL;DR? Good server. You should join it and play with us!
Posted 11th Jul 2017
Trash, keeps saying "Connection Throttled! Please wait before trying again." and so I waited for 5 minutes came back and it said the same thing!!! D:<
Posted 17th Apr 2017