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Numpty Legends


We are a group of gamers who are just looking to chill and play modded minecraft. We dont have any blocked items as of 11/08/2016 and really you can come chill with us :)


We have a zero-greif policy. This include stealing and general douche-baggery.


Protect your belongings in regardless of if you have claimed the area.


Trade with other players and use money to expand your rule and rule the world!!!

[Always Looking for Staff]
Think you've got what it takes??? Contact an admin in game or message nerdle97 on skype!

[Server Shop] 

  • Player shops and admin shops soon to come.

[Beginners Spawn] 

  • Machines in spawn to help you manage your resources in order to get where you want to be faster.

[MCMMO skills and parties] 

  • /mcmmo and /party to get started! We are very excited to announce that NumptyCraft will now be supporting MCMMO! Everything has been modified to support a custom experience. Never again will you have to go to the nether.

[EMC Farms]

  • If you want to make EMC farms, thats chill.

[Zero-Lag Tolerance]

  • Any machines found to be causing lag will be dismantled.


  • Slow and have a maximum area of 16x16. Uses alot less energy though.

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