This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Panda Networks-Tekkit Legends

Panda Networks-Tekkit Legends


Here on PandaNetworks we offer a variety of things, some coming soon:


Grief Prevention
Companies (Realistic Companies, Custom Plugin, Coming soon)


Vote Rewards
Friendly Staff
Supports Player Ideas
Chat Styling (Soon to be player specific)
Multiple Servers
8gb memory
2tb storage
Xeon D-1520

Greatest. Server. Ever. I have been playing Tekkit classic for YEARS now, i decided to branch out and try tekkit legends (it seems to be peoples favorite modpack)
I had absolutely NO knowledge of anything in this mod pack except any of the stuff in tekkit classic, having no idea of what I was going to encounter ( I don't play single player) I joined this server first (who can turn down a name like panda networks amirit?) and now I feel like a legends pro with only a week of being on the server the staff are ALWAYS on and always helping, building, fixing what ever they can, they have a stable website and an amazing community, I would without a doubt, give this server a shot
Posted 2nd Dec 2016