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Information About the Server:

This Server gives you endless amounts of fun JAM PACKED in to one simple server. Whether you want to build the perfect house, roam the server shops, play with friends and or even earn and spend virtual money! With the money you can buy pre-made houses/machienary, Tools, Blocks and much more useful materials. You can even carry out jobs using the "/mcjobs" command!


Our server also celebrates upcoming events such as "Christmas,The New year, and you can even book a birthday!"

For example for Christmas we had planted 100 Chests filled with useful materials and hidden them all around the map! If you come across one of the 100 the chests the contents are all yours and you are free to use all of the materials found inside!

For the New year we will be shooting up some fireworks in the sky and having a "DROP PARTY" (When an Admin drops loads of really good materials such as Diamond/Dark Matter)


We are forever updating the servers "plug ins and mods" to give you guys the best experience possible. But you will be glad to know. Our updates will not effect you're in game experience (We won't restart the server every 5 mins) We also take any of the users server suggestions into account and try and fit them in with the next update!


The one question that everyone asks is "Will this server have any lag?"

In answer to the question, no our server experiences absolutely no lag whatsoever this is because we have top qualitiy computers with high specs to insure a lag free experience. If for whatever reason the server does start to lag for you, then we will do everything in our power to stop it. As we know how irritating lag can be.

Another cause of lag is blocks such as "TNT" and "Cobblestone Generators" however we have banned all of the items that will cause you potencial lag or ruin the in-game experience for you.


This server currently has 500+ useful plug ins such as

"Teleporting to you're friends, Teleporting to Spawn or the Wilderness, Making a Town (Grief protected enviroment) The option to give people in game money (Good for trading purposes) and many more useful essentials!"

So why not give this server a try, you have nothing to lose and perhaps a lot to gain! Join with you're friends or even make new ones.

So Don't Delay Join Today!

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