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Midnight Tekkit


Midnight Adventures
Now White-listed


the story tells of a happy Kingdom, when a strange object fell from the sky. Crashing into it, the object was taken to the King and as the King observed the object, it bonded with him. Empowering him with a dark magic, he then destroyed the City, taking it's remains into the Sky. Creating a Dark Kingdom, using his dead villagers into his army. As he planned to conquer the villages and other Kingdoms with his power, the four gods summoned him, instantly teleporting to the heavens. As an immediate response, he attempted to charm the gods, as they did not find this amusing. They attempted to banish the King, opening a portal of the Underworld, in the dark King's rage, he slashed at the gods. Killing them one at a time, he then used the portal to summon creatures from the Underworld, using them in his armies like slaves. In the mean time a young hero, in a small village. Played across the streets joyfully, a storm flew in. What began as a small storm, became a great flood. Taking out the town and most of it's denizens, the hero crawled to the top of his house. He sat there for days, starving. Eventually he awoke to a mostly dried land, very weak and near death. He crawled off the roof, all of the villages... Gone, only the possessions left. He went to the blacksmith to look for items, finding a large sum of food and armor, he equipped it. This began the journey of the hero, while you, Your story has yet to begin.

And that's the story! The application will be simple,
Character Name:
Character Race: (Dwarf, Elf, Human, Creeper, Pumpkin, Zombie, ETC)
Character Class/Abilities (Alchemist, Mage, Warrior, Scientist, ETC)
Character Story:

Please go here to be whitelisted:!&highlight=Midnight+tekkit

Our rules are no griefing, respect players, no using the banned items, no stealing (AT ALL.) Use (()) for Out of Character (Yet to be implemented) Example: ((Hello guys!)) And attempt to use proper spelling/grammar in character.


We use Chest Shop, Iconomy, World Guard, World Edit, Essentials and LWC. Also we use Survival Games for fun and MobArena and Mob Disguise, to suit our needs for good RP. We'll install some new Plugins eventually.


Currently our staff is: Diskhordia, Infectablegamer, Hendragon, Draco, Vexorus and Hendragon.

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