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The New Tekkit Classic

The New Tekkit Classic - Official


Enjoy a nostalgic, yet updated experience of the old 1.2.5 Tekkit Classic- remastered on 1.7.10 with updates and extra mods including Thaumcraft!

At its core, TNTC was created by Tekkit lovers- for Tekkit Enthusiasts.

We want you to feel the same way we did when modded Minecraft began, full of wonder and learning new things.

Come and join us today!

They frame it as if it has this great nostalgic feeling but when I joined I felt un invited and people were dicks. The staff even encouraged it. I lagged too, horribly.
The server replied:
Hello, based on the time this review appeared- I can deduce the following:

Your username is 'bomcakesbom', and you were banned for doing the very things your review entails!
I also skimmed the staff chat logs for today and found no evidence of any misbehaviour or aforementioned encouragement of misbehaviour.

I wish you the best of luck searching for a server that tolerates your kind of behaviour!
Don't let the ban wear you out ;)
Posted 13th Jul 2018