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HEXTekkit Cracked 24/7 Cracked


Welcome to HexTekkit Classic. [{-Cracked-}]
This server is about surviving and just enjoying what Tekkit Classic has to offer.

You earn in-game money to buy ranks! <Real money isn't allowed, Only virtual currencies!>

Earning money:

  • Killing Mobs
  • Killing Players?
  • Trading items with other players and using /pay?
  • Creaing chest-shops and build a shop i guess
  • Create your own ways has well.

No Griefing.
No Cheating in the server.
No Hacks allowed (Only X-ray!)
If your unclaimed land, Gets claimed then ya fucked !
Do not attempt to craft banneditems

Depends what rank you have.


  • Insaine <Faction World> <Griefing> <Raiding> <Explosive>
  • Survival <Golden Shovel> <Anti-Griefing on claimed land only>

If you need help with any commands in-game just do /help

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