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Garden in spawn.
Looking down on spawn.
Looking up from spawn.

Tekkit Legacy is not your normal Tekkit Classic server. Loaded with breathtaking modifications that you could only have fantasized of having before. The rank system gives a MMO game type feel to it, as do the "Industrial Credits" that drop from monsters, and turn into money when picked up. We have McMMO that gives a level up theme to it, adding again to the MMO feel. We also have the stunning treasure hunts, which will keep you searching for the final reward! Additionally, the kits that are added to each rank-up, enhance the game-play, without making a massive indent in the economy. Our fantastic player-shops are also a big part of the server, which is an area where let players create their own shop, and regulate the economy from there! We have certain fixes as well, that regulate the EMC, and EU Max/Charge-rate of some items. Exploring this server will not be like any other Tekkit Classic server, guaranteed!

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!"

Rank System:
Unranked -
Mechanic -
Adv-Mechanic -
Engineer -
Adv-Engineer -
Technician -
Adv-Technician -
Designer -
Adv-Designer -
Medic -
*Adv-Medic -

Each rank gives you new perks, and custom abilities coded by our development team!
More Ranks Coming Soon!

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