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Venom Legends


Venom Tekkit Legends Server
This server is a survival server where PvP and griefing are not allowed. We use Grief Prevention to protect land and items. The server is PvE, however, you will not lose your inventory if you die. There is a lot to do with this modpack, so PvP and griefing are not necessary; you will be entertained without them. You can work alone or with other server members to help create a ton of fun and interesting mechanisms that you are unable to build in regular Minecraft. We are currently working on our banned items list. This is a brand new server, so we will experiment to see what should be banned and what should not. In order to play on this server, you must use the Technic Launcher. You can download it for free at You will load Tekkit Legends after running the launcher, and add the server's Ip to your server list. It will take a while to load the game due to the high amount of modpacks, so be patient when it's loading, it will be worth it.

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