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Eldercrest Tekkit - 24/7 mcmmo economy and much mu


We are a 24/7 survival server with stable PvP elements aswell as the community feel of clans enhanced by our dedicated Teamspeak server and a website full of forum threads.
Welcoming all players who want to contribute positively to the already thriving population of ElderCrest Tekkit, our staff are constantly working to make a better environment for all.
From the bustling market area filled with specialist shops by the admin team as well as purchaseable plots for our more esteem citizens to the hustle and bustle of the spleef arena and PvP arena, there's something for almost everyone!
Supportive citizens will welcome players in, and an informative tutorial area will help new players get started in the world, as will the jobs feature allowing you to earn money to spend at our market district.
We all look forward to seeing new faces join our population and becoming familiar faces, come check us out!

No griefing
No asking to be staff
No combat logging
No killing players in there homes
No abusing bugs
No caps or excessive cursing in chat
No asking for teleports, you will not get them

First off I will give you a list of our plugins:
Essentials Shop
Now here is a list of banned items:

Rm & Dm hammers
Rm & Dm Furnaces
Rm Morning Start and Katar
Ring of Ignition
Ring of Arcana
Everflowing Watch of Time
Mercurial Lens
Destruction Catalyst
Hk/Hc Lens
Volcanite Amulet
Nova Catalyst/Cataclysm
Dynamite/Sticky Dynamite
Mining Laser

We have auto saves that occur every half hour as well as automated restarts every 4 hours, this is to reduce lag that is accumulated etc.

We are a non whitelist server and we never will be!

Server Ip:



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