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Custom Launcher

Custom Launcher

This is our Custom Launcher. It will download, install all the required files for Tekkit Classic. It will also install our custom mods that fix/tweak Tekkit Classic to help with it's aging.


This is our super awesome spawn. You can PVP and destroy plebs here.
Custom Launcher Profile Switchin

Custom Launcher Profile Switchin

You can easily switch profiles, or run multiple instances with our launcher!

Welcome to ArmchairGenerals! We are a Tekkit Classic PVP / Faction server run on stable plugins and the latest stable version of Bukkit. We aim to provide our players with a lag free PVP experience to enjoy with as many friends as you like. Our owner Bryce has a passion for Minecraft and is known to be very helpful to players.
Our server currently has the capacity for 150 slots and has a no server lag guarantee! We currently feature over 32GB’s of RAM and a quad core CPU at our disposal. Our uptime is usually about 97% and the server is 24/7 with a staff member of ours on most of the time. Our owner check’s in once daily for a few hours.

Our current plugin list is 13 long and growing, although we aim not to bloat the server.
CombatRegionLegacy (Custom)
NoHaxPlz (Custom)
Casino (Custom)
AntiBot (Custom)
Lottery (Custom)
GUIShop (Custom)
Wild (Custom)

And more! ACGClassic also has it's very own Custom Launcher which implements custom fixes and tweaks to make your Tekkit Classic experience complete.

ACGClassic includes: Griefing , Raiding , Stealing , Scamming . Cussing and Caps to a LIMIT are allowed.
Essentially, to define us… We are a PVP / Factions server with a Medium player base and looking to expand. Our rules are simple, not controlling and open to discussion. They are as follows:

  • Do not ask for donation ranks without donating.
  • Please respect our staff.
  • Do not ask to be spawned items.
  • Do not constantly ask or beg for admin & mod positions.
  • Swearing and/or Cussing is aloud.
  • Greifing, Stealing, Raiding and PVP like actions are aloud.
  • Note: Swearing/Cussing will only be accepted to an acceptable extent. Players who break these rules will be instantly kicked and be subject to a talk with our owner about being banned. You will be warned before being ban.

Although we have been running for some time now, we do need to restart the server occasionally but we always warn our players beforehand. This ensures the server runs lag-less without memory leaks!


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