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Cosmic Tekkit


Cosmic Tekkit

Modpack: Tekkit Legends
Modpack: Tekkit Legends

Cosmic Tekkit is a brand new small Tekkit Legends server with minimal player restrictions. EMC farms are permitted and PVP is disabled. Players can claim land using a golden shovel and buy/sell items in the in-game shop. You can also win items/money in crates. At Cosmic Tekkit our aim is to give you an enjoyable gaming experience, any suggestions for improvement of the server is welcome.

Tried to play peacefully and not interfere with anyone, suddenly one of the devs "Goose" wanted to fuck with me and my base. Started destroying it and moving it. Saying it was for a video and what not.
Basically bad and corrupt staff, don't recommend playing on it.
Posted 25th Aug 2019