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Modpacks: Tekkit 2 (v.1.2.3) | The 1.12.2 Pack (v1.6.1) | Nomifactory (v1.2.2.1) | RLCraft (v2.9.3) | All The Mods 9 (v0.2.60)

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Why Choose SiriusMC?

SiriusMC is a community-driven server that runs servers in Tekkit 2, The 1.12.2 Pack, RLCraft, All The Mods 9 & Nomifactory. We aim to give you the best playing experience on our servers, offering features such as Togglable PVP, PlayerShops, Land Protection, Custom Patches/Plugins & More! With a strong team of active staff and developers and strong hardware, SiriusMC provides a lag-free place to play!

Tekkit 2:

Tekkit 2 is the latest version of the Tekkit modpack for Minecraft 1.12.2, containing all our old favourites from Tekkit Classic with additions such as Galacticraft!

The 1.12.2 Pack:

The 1.12.2 Pack is a large kitchen sink modpack containing over 250+ Mods. It is a pack optimized for a high-performance, stable gameplay experience. SiriusMC provides a lag-free playing experience while providing the benefits of multiplayer play, such as a strong community and a fair economy.


Nomifactory is an extremely tech-focused expert pack centred around Gregtech Community Edition. With over 150+ Mods, it is optimised for performance and provides customized gameplay with modified recipes, resource gathering, progression and gameplay mechanics.


RLCraft is a meticulously curated survival-focused modpack! It features over 100+ Mods and is fine-tuned for immersion, and presents a challenging yet rewarding gameplay experience with a twist on survival mechanics, resource gathering, progression, and exploration. It overhauls the standard Minecraft experience to add a layer of realism and increased difficulty, integrating modified recipes, thirst and temperature mechanics, diverse creature encounters, and unique character progression paths.

All The Mods 9

All The Mods 9 is the latest release of All The Mods for MC 1.20.1. Containing over 400+ Mods and a detailed quest system, It is a pack that contains something for everyone while still being optimized for high performance, stability & a customized gameplay experience. It includes mods such as Mekanism, Applied Energistics 2, Ad Astra, & More!

Performance & Custom Patches:

SiriusMC runs on multiple EU-based dedicated servers (i9 12900K, 128 GB of RAM, NVM-E Storage) running top-of-the-line hardware to attempt to give you a lag-free playing experience. Our Developers have also made several custom patches & plugins to fix many of the modpack issues.

Choose how you want to play:

By default, SiriusMC is PVE; however, players can manually enable PVP using /PVP. This allows you to play how you want, whether peacefully or not.

Last Tekkit 2 Map Reset: Never
Last 1.12.2 Pack Map Reset: June 2nd 2020
Last Nomifactory Map Reset: Never
Last RLCraft Map Reset: Never
Last All The Mods 9 Map Reset: Never

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