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Dishonored's Minimum Rules Server


Hello there! I have just made a new tekkit classic server for you all. The only rules are Don't deface terrain and spawn/warps. Don't crash or lag the server. EMC Generators are encouraged but keep them clean with decreasing lag in mind. I'm going for the good old fashioned feel. Do what you want, your build is your responsibility. Claim it or lose it. I have added towny, factions, and LWC for basic base protection. However, some items may bypass this so keep your base hidden or secure ;). I see no issue with xray or any clients you may have installed just keep it fair. No kill aura, forcefield or PVP type hacks. That's all from me. Join and enjoy! Hopefully, you will have more fun on here than any other big server.


Peace out,

  • Dishonored

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