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Lycodon | Tekkit Lite [Quarry, Achievements]


Der server ist einfach nur perfekt, das Team ist mega Nett und immer hilfsbereit. Auf dem server gibt es immer was zu tun deswegen wird einem nie langweilig und hat immer seinen spaß. :D
Ingame Name: N1co89
Posted 8th Mar 2023
Sehr guter Server... gibt an sich auch nichts zum Verbessern. Das Team ist auch immer hilfsbereit und freundlich, und durch das ach System gibt es auch einen super Leitfaden, was alles so machbar ist.

MFG CaptainGlu
Posted 26th Jan 2023
Es gibt keinen besseren Server Tekkit Lite auf dieser gesamten Welt.
Posted 4th Jan 2023
Good, good!

Posted 15th Oct 2022
Good server

~ TNR_XGamerGirlX
Posted 4th Oct 2022
Der Server ist Super es gibt nur Positives zu erzählen:
Das Team Superhilfsbereit. Sowie nette und freundliche Spieler. Trotzdem das der Server öfters einfriert.
Finde ich den Server Top.

Mfg MarkxY_
Posted 26th Jun 2022
This server is the best Tekkit Lite Server i've ever played on. The players are always friendly and keen to help. Also the Staff is very nice and does a really good job keeping the server running. The Lycodon Server has special customs plugins and some extras which enable a new late game Tekkit Lite. So if you want the best Tekkit Lite experience play on this server! Love to see you there -MarisLe
Posted 22nd May 2022
I like the server a lot. Its very newbie-friendly, the users answer every question you have and are helpful in different ways. The Achievement System from the Server brings a lot of new tasks to do. Hope to see the Server still in a few years online :)

Posted 29th Apr 2022
Don't recommend this server. No real reasoning, just my opinion.
Posted 19th Apr 2022
I play here since 2020. It's fun and most of the Players here is friendly. The Team is also very friendly.

LG DariusAnakin
Posted 18th Apr 2022
During our experience on this server, we fell victims to blatant admin/authority abuse, where the entirety of the staff team decided to fool around with us by building a barricade around our claims and even making their own claims too close to ours, which is even a defined rule in their ruleset, that they broke.
I can say with certainty that this server fell victim to a staff team that consists of little children, who just begged the owner to give them admin as well.
The server replied:
Strange, four reports at the same time and all pushing false claims here? hmmmm and all are kind of writing the same.

little kids ? - check
admin absue ? - check

Yes you are one of them :)

My Advice for upcoming or present owners, ban or mute them directly ... oh, they didnt had the balls to write down their nicknames. At this point, everyone knows its just a rant of actual kids who wanted to be bad for some seconds. No harm were done, cause they were taken care of pretty quickly.

Posted 13th Apr 2022
Sehr Cooler Server mit einer menge spielspass und sehr netten und lustigen mitspielern

Posted 10th Apr 2022
Sehr Guter Server, mit coolen Plugin und mit Quest, ich hoffe das neue Spieler hier joinen werden. LG

Posted 13th Mar 2022
Rly nice Server.
Active Admins, Active Player, friendly Player who help when you need help.
Makes fun to play there, most fun is to grind the achivements.
When you play Tekkit Lite then you need to try this Server

Posted 10th Feb 2022
Entspannter Server, nette Spieler, hilfsbereiter Support.
Sogar eigener Launcher mit eigenen Plugins. Richtig geil gemacht, man sieht auch das dort arbeit und Liebe rein gesteckt wurde, gefällt mir wirklich gut.
Macht ssehr SPaß.

The server replied:
Hello, thats very nice to hear.
However, it came to my attention, that you are gone for good under weird circumstances. Sure, you got a warning, but it was your first warning. that means you got temp-banned for 1 hour. Now we get to the weird circumstances, instead of accepting, or disputing that, you had chosen to heavily insult our support. This got you a 2.nd warning, which will be applied the moment you login again. That will be an automatic temp-ban for a day, but still not permant.

There is a little more to that whole thing, but thats nothing for this section. Everyone who got banned totally did this to themself, if you are honest, fair and friendly, the server will be to you as well.
Posted 24th Jan 2022
Well in this case, i explain it exactly.
For still after getting removed of the team, for some random bullshit, i violated one rule, i didnt complained about the warn there, but while still beeing banned, got warned again whithout any explenation or warning before about a "wrong" mobfarm, which was not even the case since the chunk border was exactly on the edge of the conveyor belts, that were redirected in the chunk back and since mobs cant move against the direction of a conveyor belt, its impossible to leave the chunk.
On the other side, while my farm was not even wrong, the supporter that gave me the warn had still (with several proofs) 9 wrong farms which are still wrong and that didnt matter at all, and got even confirmed by watchdog (i suppose u) that nothing is spawning, while not realizing that the tps were to low for spawning, so not even knowledge about it was there.
For me this is just the review how i feel on the server after i got kicked out. AFTER that i did nothing wrong at all, except the multiaccount which happend BEFORE. and about that i never complained and still got intentionally (i quote: "Im gonna search for other fails now, so i can ban you an entire day to have my peace from you) checked for allegedly mistakes, that were not even some. This has nothing to do with fairness neither with objectivity or
So this review is just what it is, fair.
The server replied:
The reasons being kicked are not random at all. I explain here for everyone, cause u already knew it at this point.
- repeating warning the owner, so when he joins to do actual work, he got temp banned
- he literally said multiple times that he does not care, that includes supporting as well as so much other stuff
- he misused his privileges multiple times
- he used another account to fort gaining advantages, which is also against the rules (the account itself was fine at the time, cause he wanted to start anew, the placing of AEs in his main account wasnt)
- he several times did stupid stuff which he should know. like 64 deployers with fireworks, of course the server crashes... and his chunk were corrupted after that.

so no, not just one rule my friend. and no, you did it nmot accordingly to the rules with the mobfarm i explicitly looked at it my self, brobon did as well btw. sure, could be a mishap. and its not about leaving the chunk, the rules purpose was always, that they have to be killed in the same chunk they are spawning in. the 9 wrong farms he claims i checked myself, which he somehow cant accept, were working just fine as intended ... and at the time we did had 20 fps dude, cause u werent online. so no, what you say is just wrong.

and here is the big point ladies and gents, he in his mindset, did nothing wrong at all, but in reality he did so much wrong, he just refuses to acknoledges it, maybe as a safety measure for his mind, i dont know. fact is, he screwed up, but that can happen. it is how he reacted afterwards and made everything worse and worse, at that point he was only kicked out of the team. his actions afterwards and the breaking of the rules on purpose made force us to ban him. so at the end its nothing less than a reaction of a mad user who got banned. have a good day.
Posted 10th Jan 2022
Great place to play more challenges
Posted 12th Dec 2021
Greate server with awesome community
Posted 3rd Dec 2021
+Very good server with good modpac, nice supports and admins, lots of updates. I like it
- old version, non optimalized
The server replied:
hello, sadly we can do nothing about the minecraft version which the mod is based on. so yeah it is kinda sad, but giving use a negative for that is weird. however, tehre were tekkit modpack that were updated, but ultimatly failed and here is why its even positive that it is so old. you wont find those mods in this state anywhere else and all new big modpacks are more or less the same, tekkit lite is very different. so yeah, some quality of life stuff is missing, but for that u get an experience of the past :)
Posted 3rd Dec 2021
bester server zum zocken mit freunden und auch solo! spieler und support sind mega nett und freundlich helfen auf fragen im chat sowie auch im discord.
- xSmxsh_
Posted 28th Sep 2021
Best Tekkit-Lite Server by far! Never had an Map Wipe. Server has his owns plugins. Friendly Player and Staffs. Go ahead and join the Server you wont regret it.

- Typhon97
Posted 25th Sep 2021
I joined this server a little under 3 weeks ago and i'm already extremely happy with it. I haven't played tekkit in years so i kinda lost my touch. The community and owners are just incredible so if you need help with anything you're most certain to get it. You always feel welcome to mostly anything, which i also like, there is a lot of things to do and complete.

- lildikkgirl666
Posted 19th Sep 2021
I really cant understand all the negativ reviews about this server. To clarify myself: Im not part of the staff, just a regular player since april of 2019. If you dont want to spend real money, you dont have to. I havent spend a dime and with patience you can work your way up, its kind of fun actually. Support is pretty great with lots of costum stuff, active players, more content etc. If you´re not convinced, just go check it our yourself, play for 10-15 minutes and then decide if its a great server for you or not. The other reviews sound so ultra negativ, i really cant see their point. One thing that could be criticized is the amount of lag sometimes, but thats not really the staffs fault: Its a server thats been running the same map for FIVE YEARS, so some errors are to be expected, its really nothing game breaking. And you can expect your stuff and buildings to still be there the next day or week or month or even year, so thats a big plus =)
Posted 27th Nov 2020
PLease help mr Wofl i been banned falsely
The server replied:
Then please use our forum to write an unban appeal. We then can dig into your case fairly.
Posted 22nd Jan 2020
Very good and nice server!
The server replied:
We love to hear that :)
Posted 4th Dec 2019