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Lycodon | Tekkit Lite [Quarry, Achievements]


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Kenne den Server schon seit Jahren und bin immer wieder gerne hier drauf!

-Super Leute
-Geiles Team hinter dem Server
- All in All ein Server, auf dem es sich zu spielen lohnt!

Grüße gehen raus
Posted 18th Jul 2024
The server runs smoothly, with minimal lag, and has a friendly, supportive community. Perfect for both seasoned players and newcomers looking to explore advanced Minecraft gameplay. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a fun, tech-oriented adventure!

Posted 28th Jun 2024
Sehr empfehlenswert für Deutsche sowie auch Englische Spieler. Gut aufgebaut der Server.
Posted 2nd Jun 2024
Sehr geiler server nette leute nette admins mods etc sicherheit ist an erster stelle böldsinn items gebannt einige nur auf anfrage. Kann ich wärmstens empfehlen viele tutorials wenn ihr euch mit Tekkit nicht so aus kennt echt klasse :D
Posted 24th Dec 2023
Top Server! I like it very much. Flex_iii
Posted 21st Nov 2023
the server is actief and fun allot of nice people that help you
Posted 19th Oct 2023
Very nice server !
Posted 18th Oct 2023
guter server man hat seine ruhe
Posted 10th Oct 2023
The server is setup very well, and the players are always extremely helpful!
name - sipsconqour
Posted 2nd Sep 2023
Bester Tekkit Lite Server. Sympathische Spieler, aktives Serverteam und gute Serverperformance bieten eine Menge an Spielspaß. Dieser Server kann nur weiterempfohlen werden!

~ JeroMC
Posted 21st Aug 2023
Best Server EUW
Community ist Super und entspannt
Teamler sind auch freundlich und hilfsbereit
Posted 8th Jul 2023
Best Tekkit Lite Server I recommend

Posted 4th Jul 2023
One of the best Tekkit Lite Modpack Servers i've ever found. Own Modpack Client with added Mods (ex. OptiFine) that make it even better.

Posted 17th Jun 2023
Guter Server, Macht Spaß, sind sehr viele nette leute drauf

Ingame Name: EmskirchenLord
Posted 16th Jun 2023
Der server ist einfach nur perfekt, das Team ist mega Nett und immer hilfsbereit. Auf dem server gibt es immer was zu tun deswegen wird einem nie langweilig und hat immer seinen spaß. :D
Ingame Name: N1co89
Posted 8th Mar 2023
Sehr guter Server... gibt an sich auch nichts zum Verbessern. Das Team ist auch immer hilfsbereit und freundlich, und durch das ach System gibt es auch einen super Leitfaden, was alles so machbar ist.

MFG CaptainGlu
Posted 26th Jan 2023
Es gibt keinen besseren Server Tekkit Lite auf dieser gesamten Welt.
Posted 4th Jan 2023
Good, good!

Posted 15th Oct 2022
Good server

~ TNR_XGamerGirlX
Posted 4th Oct 2022
Der Server ist Super es gibt nur Positives zu erzählen:
Das Team Superhilfsbereit. Sowie nette und freundliche Spieler. Trotzdem das der Server öfters einfriert.
Finde ich den Server Top.

Mfg MarkxY_
Posted 26th Jun 2022
This server is the best Tekkit Lite Server i've ever played on. The players are always friendly and keen to help. Also the Staff is very nice and does a really good job keeping the server running. The Lycodon Server has special customs plugins and some extras which enable a new late game Tekkit Lite. So if you want the best Tekkit Lite experience play on this server! Love to see you there -MarisLe
Posted 22nd May 2022
I like the server a lot. Its very newbie-friendly, the users answer every question you have and are helpful in different ways. The Achievement System from the Server brings a lot of new tasks to do. Hope to see the Server still in a few years online :)

Posted 29th Apr 2022
Don't recommend this server. No real reasoning, just my opinion.
Posted 19th Apr 2022
I play here since 2020. It's fun and most of the Players here is friendly. The Team is also very friendly.

LG DariusAnakin
Posted 18th Apr 2022
During our experience on this server, we fell victims to blatant admin/authority abuse, where the entirety of the staff team decided to fool around with us by building a barricade around our claims and even making their own claims too close to ours, which is even a defined rule in their ruleset, that they broke.
I can say with certainty that this server fell victim to a staff team that consists of little children, who just begged the owner to give them admin as well.
The server replied:
Strange, four reports at the same time and all pushing false claims here? hmmmm and all are kind of writing the same.

little kids ? - check
admin absue ? - check

Yes you are one of them :)

My Advice for upcoming or present owners, ban or mute them directly ... oh, they didnt had the balls to write down their nicknames. At this point, everyone knows its just a rant of actual kids who wanted to be bad for some seconds. No harm were done, cause they were taken care of pretty quickly.

Posted 13th Apr 2022