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Tekkit Lite by Lycodon [NO LAGGS ; Quarry]


So many "reviews" of people who didn't bother to read any rules, or don't understand why bugged items need to be banned / adjusted...

- every plugin is translated despite having 5% non-german players at best
- custom endgame: new items to extend gameplay up to 576.000 HV Solars
- many plugins like recipes for unobtainable items, custom achievements or mini-games

- rather inactive crew, although mostly helpful players
- many banned or changed items
- occasional lags (lots of garbage constructions, last map reset was 2015)
Posted 4th Nov 2019
banned rotary macerator lmao
Posted 19th Oct 2019
Cant Reach server please help-
Posted 18th Oct 2019
Me like server, but i got banned after 5 min? Please help
Posted 16th Oct 2019
This server has somethimes some lags but i works well
Posted 21st Aug 2019
Their deep storage unit has item bags which are STUPID i have to put in the items again manually so bad
Posted 11th Aug 2019
Not a fake review i am real user of lycodon they banned me for no reason i was just playing and random german admin funnyzocker banned me
Posted 11th Aug 2019
1 Word Cancer Actually i need 25 letters lol
Posted 11th Aug 2019
Nice Server, it's fun to play with friends but also on your own.
Posted 8th May 2019
Sehr geiler Server, hilfreiche Supporter & Admins, nette Community :D
Also für mich der beste Tekkit Server :3
Posted 18th Jul 2018
Worst Server and the player "offensichtlich" can go kill himselfe little aids kid
The server replied:
The subject who whishes other persons death and aids (which by itself discquallifies its whole comment, cause of the lack of arguing professionally) were its own victim. He has violated against the rules on purpose, for example griefing of other ppls plot or calling other ppl... Well he made an example what he is capable of calling others and the worst, he duplicated.

Duplicating is punished with a permanet ban. The reason he is mad, he isnt able to follow simple rules and if he breaks them, everyone else is guilty, but not him. the only "arguments" he has left is swearing.

Pretty simple: If you are nice, the team is nice as well, if you fallow the rules, you will have a very good experience on this server.
Posted 11th Jul 2018
Mega guter Server nette Menschen hilfsbereiter Staff
Posted 1st Jul 2018
Auf diesem Server habe ich das Modpack zuerst kennengerlent und alle Basics wurden einem näher gebracht. Nach längeren Pausen und auch neunen Servern, die mal ausprobiert wurden, war Lycodon doch immer um längen besser.

Die Plugins sind sehr gut durchdacht.
Das Team ist kompetent.
Die User helfen nach ihren Möglichkeiten.

Am Ende sprechen über 40 Tage Ontime für den Server!
Posted 13th Apr 2018
Schöner Server mit netten Plugins und einer hilfsbereiten Community. Ich finde mehr als 20 Tage OnTime sagen schon alles :).
Lohnt sich auf jeden Fall einmal einen Blick drauf zu werfen.
Posted 27th Dec 2017
Its a good server! good plugins, Admins, Players.
Posted 16th Jun 2017
cooler sever er macht sehr fiel spaß
Posted 25th Feb 2017
As a Tekkit Beginner i was very satisfied with the starting Setup and how easy it is to get around.
I have not been on this Server for long but i can tell that it will be a good experience looking at how uncomplicated everything goes.
So far i did not experience any lags either and i also got greeted by some of the Mods i think that offered me a city-claim to do some Building.
Over all, a very solid first impression.
This server is german though but i saw them having english translations.
Posted 1st Jan 2017