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The original owner is back baby!
SurvivalTekkit404 was project started in 2012, ended/closed decades ago due to several problems, and is now backup and running years later! wooo, nostalgia really hit hard could not resist comming back haha!

Before joining, please make sure you have Tekkit Classic 1.2.5 (3.1.2) selected within the launcher, as the server won't support any other clients running mis-matched mods,versions and/or modpacks that may have been modified in mis-configred way.

SurvivalTekkit404 does allow none-premium & premium users to join!

---== [ Server-specs] =---
CPU: Xeon Twelve Core E5-2673.
Storage: 40TB.
Memory: 24GB ECC.
HP ProLiant G9.

---== [ Commands ] =---
/help: Views a list of available commands.
/survival: teleports you to survival.
/banneditems: View banned items.
/vote: Vote for rewards.
/points: Hourly points.
/lag: View server performance stats.
/Rules: Views the server rules.
/leaderboard: Displays leaderboard.
/stats: View your hours played.
/warp: self explanatory.
/home: self explanatory.
/sethome: self explanatory.
/shops: List available shops.
/shopwarp: self explanatory.
*New commands/features will be added, as server progresses.

---== [ Protecting your builds ] =---
Use golden shovel to claim land, and protect your build!

---== [ Banned Items ] =---

  • Railcraft World Anchor only
    Additional items can be added at anyitem with short notice.
    Gem armor abusive powers & other misc things are enabled, and allowed on the server.

---= [ Restricted ] =---

  • Computercraft:207: Requires Atleast Member.
  • All turtles:216,'216:1','216:2','216:3': Requires Atleast Member.
  • Industrial Credit: Can't be crafted (Used as vote credit)
    Additional items can be added at anyitem with short notice.

---= [ ChunkLoaders ] =---
Keeps the area loaded while the players offline.
Can be crafted by anyone & placed.

  • Dimensional Anchor: Placement limit of 4-per-player, each one keeps 1x chunk loaded.
  • Teleport Tether: Placement limit of 4-per-player, each one keeps chunk loaded.

---= [ Worlds ] =---

  • Spawn
  • Survival
  • Survival_nether
  • Survival__the_end

---= [ Ranks ] =---

  • owner
  • manager/staff leader
  • admin
  • moderator
  • traineemod
  • Overlord
  • King
  • Knight
  • Citizen
  • member
  • Guest
    More ranks will be added soon

---= [ Speciel ] =---

  • veteran
  • trusted
  • MysticCow
    ✖~【】~✖ ✖~【】~✖ ✖~【】~✖ ✖~【】~✖ ✖~【】~✖ ✖~【】~✖ ✖~【】~✖
I stumbled upon the server thru YouTube video 2016, and was greeted for joining! Most friendly af server no grief no hackers no dup hacks everyones so helpful! became trial-mod by helping out ppl, sadly the tide turned year later they closed ;-; GRRR! I was notified on discord the server is making comeback! ITS BACK BOIS!

Thanks for comming back xx ur amazing :3
Things I dislike being turned into firecracker for adjusting flight speed, and no spoutcraft anymore :(

Things I like the server is well put togather,configured, maintained, friendly and the owner goes out of his way to help fix my game when it stops working ;-;
the server is very fresh, unqiue, and clean so much new features ^-^ pls add player shops soon , /warp random and /setskin :>

Posted 10th Nov 2020
Fresh clean and friendly server.
Posted 23rd Oct 2020